Hot Rolled Belts and Profiles

High-quality metal straps, with a cold-forming process of certified galvanised steel sheet. They are used as a structural element, mainly in industrial constructions, for the support of sheet metal or panels.

Their main advantages are lightness by reducing the total weight of the structure, and ease of installation with the option of machining according to the needs of the project (customised punching).

Wide range of profiles.

Possibility of made-to-measure manufacturing and customised punching.

Hot rolled profiles are produced by a high temperature manufacturing process, without significant changes in their physical properties, rolled into a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

A wide variety of shapes depending on their cross-section.

Hot Rolled Belts and Profiles Types


Z and C Belts

Special Z- and C-belts


Z and C Belts

Omegas and special profiles

Omegas and

Special Profiles

Hot Rolled

Metal Sections

Ladders, Platforms

and Auxiliary

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