Profiled sheetT

The profiled sheet is manufactured from the cold deformation of steel coil in its different finishes; galvanized or pre-lacquered.

Its uses are diverse, such as: roof, facade or perimeter enclosures when great thermal insulation is not necessary, Deck-type roofs, collaborating slabs, ….

Depending on their geometry, they present characteristics of mechanical and/or acoustic resistance as well as a different aesthetic.

The profiled sheet can be supplied perforated or non-perforated and with different types of coatings depending on the environments to which it is exposed. There are a wide variety of colors. Possibility of bending.

Depending on the quantity, it can be produced with special colors outside the standard range.

The advantages they present are speed of installation, lightness, mechanical resistance, resistance to corrosion.

There is a wide range of profiles to cover all kinds of situations and with different finishes according to needs.

Profiled sheet metal types

Single/ Sandwich

Roofing Profiles

Deck Roofing



Facade Profiles


Facade Profiles


Profiles for Floor Flabs

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