Insulated sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are made up of two sheets, one inside and one outside, and an insulating core of polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam, Rock wool or Polystyrene with great thermal insulation.

The two sheets, external and internal, can be made with a multitude of materials, steel, aluminium, wood, paper,… depending on the properties required of the panel.

The insulating core can be PUR, PIR, rock wool, polystyrene,… depending on the needs for thermal and acoustic insulation, one or the other will be applied.

The applications are diverse, sloping roofs, flat roof bases, false ceilings, cold store covers, architectural facades, industrial exterior facades, interior partition walls, interior facades, cold store walls,….

Facade panels can be manufactured with visible or hidden screws and with a multitude of finishes and colours.

Tipos de Panel Sandwich



Wood sides



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