What is the function of a sandwich panel in the world of construction?

You probably don’t know the function of some of the building materials, so today you will learn the meaning of the use of sandwich panels in today’s construction. Anyone interested in the world of construction and architecture should keep up to date with the various materials that are coming to light. Not only in terms of comfort, practicality and profitability, but also because this constant learning is necessary for any new project. We invite you to enter the world of sandwich panels.

What does it mean to have a sandwich panel in construction?

A sandwich panel is a prefabricated building component that can be used both in the industrial world and in the building industry. It can be found in facades, roofs, ceilings, enclosures or refrigerated walls. These so-called “sandwich” panels have three essential elements: two metal sheets of varying thickness with a core of insulating material, such as polyurethane (PUR), rock wool or polyisocyanurate (PIR). This is an emerging product, which is increasing its demand considerably for various reasons: quality, manageability and energy efficiency. It is a modular and prefabricated product, promoting a fluid and less costly installation than with other types of materials.

¿Qué ventajas ofrece la construcción con paneles sándwich?

The main strength of sandwich panels is their performance. This great advantage provides a great creative diversity for any type of project without losing the performance that more rigid materials could have. The main positive points that we can realise are:

  • Low pollutant:

Its quick installation saves the possible pollution of the construction system itself. Its great insulation capacity and the reduction of term bridges collaborate to energy saving.

  • Time saving:

As the material is so thin and easy to assemble, time is drastically minimised. Therefore, the customer will be grateful that his works take less time.

  • Flexibility:

Sandwich panels have such diverse characteristics that they can be adapted to any type of project.

  • Safety:

The speed of assembly promotes that the operator spends as little time as possible at height and suffers less risk.

  • Strength:

The material of these panels has a high resistance to weather conditions, managing to last for a long period of time. An element that is also resistant to fire and stress.

Sandwich panel development in the construction world

At the beginning of their implementation, these panels began to be used as a quick construction element, especially in cold rooms. Over time, it began to be used on roofs, facades and false ceilings, with the aim of achieving greater thermal and acoustic insulation. In its first 30 years, it has been the ideal partner for architects and engineers, who have been looking for an economical and multifunctional solution.

The sandwich panel in today’s world

The world of construction has welcomed sandwich panels with open arms and they continue to evolve in a very positive way. A market of this calibre requires constant evolution in order to offer new developments that can provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of an ultra-competitive sector. Currently, new types of panels are being introduced, both interior and exterior, with different material finishes, ranging from imitation wood to slate, which has become the ideal complement for renovation work. Its imitation finishes, replicas very similar to the originals, are even more durable than the original materials themselves. The construction of the future cannot be understood without the sandwich panel, an essential element in contemporary construction. With the passage of time and with technological advances, they will develop further in terms of performance and quality. We hope we have solved all your doubts about sandwich panel construction, if you need more information about this building material you can contact us through our website, our LinkedIn profiles and our Google My Business page. We will answer your questions as soon as possible!