Why is sustainable construction so important in Spain?

Nowadays, society has become more aware and sensitive to the bad environmental situation we are living in. In this article we will discuss how sustainable construction has influenced the Spanish architecture sector. The future of construction must be based on sustainable architecture, that type of building that seeks to improve the quality of life of citizens, both in the generations before and after them, by choosing the alternatives that have the least impact on nature. One of the most important tools for achieving this objective is the certification of sustainable construction in future buildings. If you are thinking of starting an architectural project with a sustainable conscience, here you will find some of the most environmentally friendly sustainable construction companies in Spain.

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5 advocating sustainability in Spain buildings

Now we will talk about the top five most sustainable construction companies in Spain, recommended by us – find out about them, let’s get started!

Maison Plus Homes

Maison Plus Homes is a construction company that is committed to sustainability and good practices to favour the environment, its main working method, based on a model of eco-efficient construction. They have a methodology developed and designed for the design, renovation and construction of sustainable, healthy and eco homes. They carry out construction with people and the environment in mind, taking into account the circular economy and energy efficiency. The ideal company for Green or Eco-building projects, energy self-sufficient housing, model cities and Wellness communities.

GF Sustainable Construction

It is a company, located in Madrid, which is committed to meeting the needs of its customers for the high energy efficiency of their homes and reforms in general. Its services are focused on: -Rental of real estate for own account and other accommodation. – Construction and property development. – The construction business, carrying out all types of works, both public and private, on its own account or on behalf of others, using auctions, tenders and other forms. GF adapts to the needs of its clients with four mottos on which its work is based: sustainability, efficiency, speed and price justice.


PCS is an emerging construction company that is growing exponentially. Their main objective is to constantly develop and offer fully customised work. As they have their own equipment, they are dedicated to renting it. Their main areas of business are civil works, building and site maintenance, always focused on sustainability.


Construcia is a construction company that seeks to find a new construction model that can protect our environment and take care of people. Their construction methodology is based on the principles of the circular economy, allowing them to be sustainable and profitable, by not consuming resources and providing solutions that optimise price and reduce lead times. They aim to create corporate headquarters, industries, properties, shopping centres and hotels.


Ekoiba is a construction company with a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers and builders who are experts in the industrialised assembly of houses made of wood. The wood used in all its constructions comes from responsibly managed forests, whose growth is controlled and respectful with the environment. With more than 30 years of experience and an extensive track record in the construction sector, they build healthy buildings, where the most important thing is humanity. Thank you very much for your time!  These 5 construction companies are fighting for a future based on sustainability. We hope you found them as attractive as our team and that they can be useful for your next projects. Do you know any other sustainable construction company that could be of interest to our community? Leave us a comment on this article. We hope this information will be useful to you in the future and that you have found it attractive. If you have any questions you can contact us at info@kmsteel.es, or find us on our website.